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16 August 2010 @ 10:49 pm
Question to breathe life into comm  
Hey there, everyone!

So then, how did Madeline impact your lives? How did you show that? Did you share her adventures with others in your life?

Myself? I brought in the live action movie to Year 9 French class and we watched on the last day of the term, while having fish and chips, chocolate mousse and eclairs. (Our teacher laughed when she heard Helene in the kitchen earlier in the movie, and explained she had actually uttered a curse word!!)

I was always reading the books around my Dad's cousins, so when they had girls, they joked that they named them after Madeline's friends (Chloe, Genevieve).

I took my Madeline's Favourite Songs cassette to school and my class listened to it when I was in grade 5, the next year I danced to I'm Madeline in the talent show (got second place!), though I originally planned on dancing to Holidays.

My nickname was Madeline because I was a small redhead, smallest in my class...in my year level!

I once attended a dress-up party dressed as Madeline, and my friend's mum was a nun, so everyone joked she was Miss Clavel.

We had a book festival, and we'd had to dress-up as book characters, and who else did I dress up as but Madeline herself!

What about all of you?
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Heidifairy_glamour on August 16th, 2010 11:06 pm (UTC)
Aw, you have all sorts of Madeline anecdotes in your life. That's wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

I just read the books and watched the movies, which was a great childhood experience. I suppose it also inspired me to always play "orphanage" with my dolls, like Madeline. That made for hours and hours of quality fun :D And even today whenever I hear someone say something like, "That's all there is" I think of the stories.